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hello and welcome to the middle of the film

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shappeybunny asked: Just saw your post about "leaving London" - does that mean you're moving back to Belgium for good next week rather than just for a holiday? Oh, no! I've only just started getting to know you! Sorry you're leaving, you will be missed. If you ever come back to London (probably for Roger-related shenanigans) and need somewhere to sleep for a night or two, my spare room is open to you. Have you got any plans for what you're going to do back at home?

Yes. I don’t know. My one year is over. It’s sad. I am very, very sad. And I’ll miss you too, you’re such a wonderful person, as well as an unlimited source of Finnemore knowledge, Easter treats, and I am under the impression that you smell like pizza. And thank you for the super kind offer!
I love being home because I am a family person, and I have got dogs, fish, ducks and friends that I miss, but London…I am so utterly in love with that city. Unfortunately it is also a very expensive city, and unless I find a job I can’t justify living there or anywhere else in the UK… so I am working on that.
I have to hand in some uni work on the 30th September though (ok, ok and pay my library fine) and there are still tickets for Seminar left… so yeah, tempted to treat myself to some “Roger-related shenanigans”

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YOUR interview with Seminar's Roger Allam


Very nice interview with Mr Allam from - see if your questions are among those he answered!

(Oh, and also… for those of you who signed the Seminar good luck card, here’s a message for you: "Dear all, what a lovely card. Everyone was very touched. Thank you. Hope you enjoy the show, Roger.")

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rachelvanbora asked: HI, I really like your blog. I have some ideas for cartoons, but cannot draw at all. So, I thought maybe I could find someone who´d do the drawing and I´d supply the captions. And as my head is full of Martin Crieff now, I thought I would ask you. Would you be interested in this kind of cooperation?

Hi, and thanks for asking *feels flattered*! Unfortunately I am waaaay too busy at the moment to even think about drawing (I am writing my thesis :( :( :( ) so my hands are tied. No, I mean it. Literally. I am typing this with my nose to take away all temptation.
…And, if I am perfectly honest… Cpt Martin Crieff is my least favourite character of MJN family (thank the whole “poor sad bby hero Martin” and Cumberbatch craze for that), so I don’t really feel the urge to make a series about him alone. :)

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