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Ficlet: BBQ


Daaaaaad,” Emily said as she came out from the conservatory carrying the box of matches. “Tell Martin that I can light the grill and I do it all the time.”

Douuuuglassss,” Martin said, matching her tone perfectly. “Tell Emily that small people aren’t allowed to play with flames.”


Fanart because omg Martin and Emily being buddies and successfully pranking Skygod?  yes please

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All-Allam.com Needs You!


… desperately, in fact.

What we’re looking for: we’re always looking for Allam fans to get involved, and have many contibutors from all over the world, so if you want to help out in any capacity then please get in touch. What we really, REALLY need at present are people who know their way…

Chaps, it’s true, we are in a spot of bother.
Most of us know how to write simple things in HTML and CSS (in my case JavaScript is a disaster) but we really need people to help us update. All the articles are written, all the research has been done, we just can’t get it online. If you enjoy the pictures, news updates and reviews that Roger Allam’s fansite All-Allam.com brings, please be - or help us find - that someone.

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rachelvanbora asked: Audio(plays)/books are great! Especially with Roger Allam:-) I would love to hear his rendition of the Typhoon, because it was written by Joseph Conrad, and to me, he´s like the patron saint of non-native speakers:-) No, I have not heard about "Working Shakespeare" before. The only American Shakespeare-related stuff I´ve seen is probably Al Pacino´s Looking for Richard. Liked it, but ever since Dog Day Afternoon and Justice for All, I do have a soft spot for Al Pacino. Thanks for the tip!

I have only heard an excerpt of 2 minutes from Typhoon, but I do like Conrad’s work and it would be great to hear it fully read by Allam one day :)
If you want a free audiobook, read by many lovely voices, there is always the great project Moby Dick Big Read! (Allam reads chapter 134)
I forgot all about Looking for Richard! I watched it years ago. I found it on a old VHS in a student hostel and had to beg the other residents to let me watch it. Should be a lot easier (and cheaper) to get a copy now! I must look into that… :D I remember liking the behind-the-scenes feeling, but not understanding a great deal because there were no subtitles, I had never heard of Richard III, and had to fence off annoyed students (also, who doesn’t have a soft spot for Pacino in his glory days? I was a goner once I watched Carlito’s Way… have you see his Shylock

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rachelvanbora asked: Oh wow, I am a bit jealous! My pet theory is that being a Roger Allam fan is "educational" (and I can´t think of that word without hearing Douglas´ voice): nothing else would make me read Merchant, Henry IV and Taming so thoroughly. But, since I am not a native speaker, I had to. And it´s great fun, especially when comparing it to translation/s. Btw, do you know the Playing Shakespeare series? It´s available on YouTube, features great actors and some episodes are really fascinating; 4th´s a fav.

I completely agree with your theory! I have read and seen so much I never thought I’d be interested in (let alone love) a couple of years ago.

I’m not a native speaker either - and tbh I have tried to read Shakespeare and I find it really difficult. When I hear it be spoken, it makes a lot more sense to me. I love recorded (audio)plays because I can listen to them a couple of times until I understand the words - although when if it is acted well I often understand the words and their meaning immediately. But then again, I practice a lot nowadays ;)  

I love that series! So brilliant. I haven’t had time to watch them all completely yet, so I can’t give you my favourite episode :( You probably know that there is a similar American workshop series, called Working Shakespeare? In case you have nothing planned today :p

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