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rachelvanbora asked: Oh wow, I am a bit jealous! My pet theory is that being a Roger Allam fan is "educational" (and I can´t think of that word without hearing Douglas´ voice): nothing else would make me read Merchant, Henry IV and Taming so thoroughly. But, since I am not a native speaker, I had to. And it´s great fun, especially when comparing it to translation/s. Btw, do you know the Playing Shakespeare series? It´s available on YouTube, features great actors and some episodes are really fascinating; 4th´s a fav.

I completely agree with your theory! I have read and seen so much I never thought I’d be interested in (let alone love) a couple of years ago.

I’m not a native speaker either - and tbh I have tried to read Shakespeare and I find it really difficult. When I hear it be spoken, it makes a lot more sense to me. I love recorded (audio)plays because I can listen to them a couple of times until I understand the words - although when if it is acted well I often understand the words and their meaning immediately. But then again, I practice a lot nowadays ;)  

I love that series! So brilliant. I haven’t had time to watch them all completely yet, so I can’t give you my favourite episode :( You probably know that there is a similar American workshop series, called Working Shakespeare? In case you have nothing planned today :p

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Rebecca Saire plays Mrs Ann Putnam in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible at The Old Vic. She is joined by her husband Roger Allam at the after party following the press night performance (July 3, 2014 - Pictures courtesy of Rex Features, WoollerGetty Images and The Old Vic Facebook page)

Love how they coordinate their understated casual chic. They both have that “Oh this perfectly flattering outfit? Just threw it on.” (And we all know who the fashionista is in the relationship.)

Ok… I can’t resist, I’ll bite: “fashionista”?

That said, for those who haven’t gone yet, The Crucible is well worth seeing. I know a lot of people found it long, but I was captivated till the end!

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