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"Trading Licks" on TV

Trading Licks will air on ShortsHD next Tuesday (22nd of January) at 5:15pm EST. 

Trading Licks is a 13 minute shortie from director Adrian Tanner, staring Roger AllamJustin Edwards and Ania Sowinski. You can watch the trailer here.

Legendary guitarist Quentin Ball (Allam) has stage fright. His wife (Sowinski) despairs - they have no money and the toilet is blocked. When the plumber (Edwards) arrives he turns out to be an obsessive fan. Could he be Quentin’s salvation?

Well. Could he?


So we speak to you, Tumblr Gods. Please. If anyone can record this movie, or at least watch it and tell us all about it, many will be very, very grateful. Shorties are not available on DVD, or we wouldn’t dare asking for this.

With many thanks to Thekaskproject for letting us know!

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    oh yes, someone please record this. would love to watch it! :)
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    Oh please someone with ShortsHD, record this!
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    Yes! This! And here’s a trailer. Please could someone record this for us all!
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    Mighty people of Tumblr, if you have ShortsHD or know someone, who has, please, help us! Puhlease! have no idea why my...
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